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Abnormal bleeding is a disconcerting problem; you might wonder if it's nothing or a sign of something more serious. At Advanced Healthcare for Women, Scott Multack, DO, will personalize your treatment based on your particular diagnosis and preferences. Women in the La Grange Highlands, Illinois, area trust Dr. Multack to investigate and treat their abnormal bleeding. Most conditions that cause abnormal bleeding respond best to treatment in their early stages, so don’t wait to make your appointment.

Abnormal Bleeding Q & A

What constitutes abnormal bleeding?

WebMD defines abnormal bleeding as bleeding that occurs when you don’t expect it. Bleeding in between periods, heavier or lighter periods than normal, bleeding before age nine, bleeding during pregnancy, and bleeding after menopause would all be considered abnormal bleeding.

What causes abnormal bleeding?

Abnormal bleeding alone doesn’t necessarily mean anything is wrong with your body. For example, ovulation can cause bleeding in between periods and birth control can cause irregular bleeding patterns. Those typically aren’t reasons for concern.

Other causes of abnormal bleeding include polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), infection, uterine fibroids, trauma, and pelvic inflammatory disease. In rare cases, unordinary bleeding could indicate polyps or cancer. Once you’ve pinpointed the cause, you can make proactive changes or choices.

Any time a woman of childbearing age experiences abnormal bleeding, Dr. Multack will first try to rule out pregnancy. Any abnormal bleeding during pregnancy needs to be evaluated; it could be a symptom of ectopic pregnancy, miscarriage, or placenta previa.

When should I see a doctor about abnormal bleeding?

Abnormal bleeding could signal a more serious problem. If abnormal bleeding is new for you, call Dr. Multack’s office right away. If abnormal bleeding affects your daily life, you don’t have to just “live with it” either. Depending on the cause, Dr. Multack might recommend anything from birth control (to even out your hormones) to minimally invasive surgery to stop the bleeding.

If you want to figure out what’s causing your abnormal bleeding and how to fix it, contact Dr. Multack for an appointment.

What surgery options do I have for abnormal bleeding?

Surgery is a last resort for most conditions. However, if medication and other therapies don’t stop your abnormal bleeding, surgery may be an option.

Though the word “surgery” can be intimidating, If you’re considering surgery for abnormal bleeding, contact Dr. Multack’s office today to discuss your options.