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Endometriosis can lead to pain and infertility. As the condition progresses, it becomes more and more difficult to treat. If endometriosis affects your daily life, Scott Multack, DO, can help you find relief at Advanced Healthcare for Women. He is one of the few local doctors who are masters trained in da Vinci® Surgery. Women in the La Grange Highlands, Illinois, area take comfort in Dr. Multack’s gynecological experience in treating endometriosis. Make the call to his office today, before the condition causes any more problems.

Endometriosis Q & A

What is endometriosis?

Endometriosis is a condition that causes the tissue that’s supposed to grow inside the uterus to grow on the outside instead. It usually occurs on the outside of the uterus, fallopian tubes, and ovaries. Instead of exiting the body during the menstrual cycle, the endometrium builds up inside the body without any place to go. The buildup may cause cysts, adhesions, or scar tissue to form.

As you might imagine, the inflammation and irritation can cause severe pelvic pain, and it may even lead to fertility problems. Aside from pelvic pain, additional symptoms of endometriosis include heavy periods, pain during sex, pain during urination, and pain during bowel movements.

Do I need treatment for endometriosis?

As with most conditions, discovering the problem early makes it easier to treat. Endometriosis isn’t a condition you want to ignore. Early intervention will help prevent any avoidable pain and delay fertility troubles.

Up to 40% of women with infertility issues have endometriosis to blame. The inflammation and adhesions obstruct egg and sperm movements, decreasing the chances of fertilization. Women with mild to moderate endometriosis have gone on to have successful pregnancies. If you still want to have children, it’s important that you work closely with Dr. Multack on treatment options that don’t compromise fertility.

Although you can’t cure endometriosis, you can definitely manage it.

What treatment options are available for endometriosis?

After performing a pelvic exam and laparoscopy to confirm the diagnosis, Dr. Multack can treat endometriosis with medication or surgery. Medication is usually the first line of treatment; Dr. Multack may recommend anti-inflammatory pain relievers, birth control pills, or gonadotropin-releasing hormone agents.

If medication doesn’t work and the symptoms are severe, Dr. Multack may recommend surgery to remove endometrial implants. As a last resort, you may choose hysterectomy to remove the ovaries completely, especially if you don’t want to have any more children.

Dr. Multack is certified to use da Vinci Surgery for hysterectomy. This procedure is less invasive than traditional surgery. Dr. Multack uses robotic instruments to perform the most precise procedures inside your body through minimized incisions. Call Dr. Multack’s office today to discuss your treatment options.